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Kethshan Induruwage

Digital Marketer with 10+ Years.. A Growth Strategist.. Inspirational Leader.. An AI Enthusiast.. Saas Marketing Expert.. A Great Project Manager..

Skills and Abilities

About my Ai skills

With a profound mastery of prompt engineering, I have demonstrated an exceptional proficiency in harnessing the potential of cutting-edge AI tools. My adeptness in utilizing AI tools such as ChatGPT, Midjourney AI, Copy AI, Surfer SEO, and Jasper AI sets me apart. These skills empower me to not only excel personally but also guide and mentor digital marketing teams in effectively leveraging AI capabilities.

Recognizing AI as an invaluable asset, I am poised to unlock unprecedented opportunities rather than viewing it as a threat. This perspective drives me to explore AI’s potential to elevate our skills and capabilities beyond imagination. In an era where innovation is paramount, my AI skills stand as a testament to the incredible potential that emerges when technology is harnessed with expertise and vision.

Ai Tech Stack

Chat GPT v4
Midjourney Ai
Surfer Ai
copy ai
Copy Ai
Jasper Ai

About my SEO skills

A seasoned SEO professional with a foundation built on self-learning and mentoring from senior industry experts during my early career. My journey has been marked by a dedication to improvement, as evidenced by continuous trial and error refinement. On-page SEO, technical SEO, keyword research, and basic SEO are all areas where expertise shines. While I excel in these areas, my comfort level with off-page SEO is still on the observing stage, hence, partnering strategically with specialised freelance professionals to achieve the best results in this area.

Throughout my career, I’ve led eight accomplished senior SEO specialists, demonstrating leadership in digital landscape optimisation. Every step forward demonstrates the belief that SEO mastery is attained through a combination of knowledge acquisition, hands-on experience, and strategic partnerships. This steadfast dedication distinguishes me as a dynamic force in the ever-changing field of SEO.

SEO Tech Stack

scream frog
Scream Frog
RankMath SEO
Yoast SEO

About my Web Dev skills

I have a strong presence in the field of web development due to my exceptional command of WordPress CMS development. My journey has been marked by my mastery of WordPress challenges, where I’ve honed the art of creating seamless digital experiences. Furthermore, I’ve demonstrated adept leadership in leading teams of senior software engineers and WordPress developers, managing complex technical initiatives, and directing victorious outcomes.

Beyond WordPress, I’ve ventured into custom web projects, seamlessly integrating technologies like Vue.js and React.js. This diversity underscores my versatility and commitment to embracing innovative solutions. My proficiency extends to the realm of Headless Website development, a cutting-edge approach that exemplifies my knack for staying at the forefront of industry trends.

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, my prowess in web development is a fusion of technical finesse, leadership acumen, and an unwavering passion for crafting digital excellence.

Web Dev Tech Stack

Strapi CMS

About my Search Engine Marketing skills

A seasoned expert in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), my proficiency in paid media ads stands as a cornerstone of my digital expertise. With extensive hands-on experience spanning numerous years, I’ve nurtured a mastery that sets me apart. Guiding SEM teams across diverse brands, locations, and scenarios, I’ve consistently delivered successful outcomes.

My skill set extends beyond routine practices. I analyse data with precision by assessing comprehensive customer traits, whether geographic, demographic, psychographic, or behavioural. I’ve demonstrated my adaptability in paid media campaigns for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C, adapting strategies for best results.

My skill set includes expertise of the Google Ads 360 suite, with a focus on YouTube, Display, and Search ads. My journey illustrates my constant commitment to creating campaigns that resonate, engage, and deliver measurable results. My SEM expertise remains a beacon of innovation and achievement in an ever-changing digital landscape.

SEM Tech Stack

Search ads 360
Google Search Ads 360
display and video
Display & Videos Ads
tag manager
Google Tag Manager
analytics 4
Google Analytics (GA4)
looker studio
Data Studio (Looker)
HotJar Heatmaps

About my Leadership skills

At the heart of my journey is a leadership approach that combines inspiration, assertiveness, and empathy to remarkable effect. Adeptly harnessing these qualities, I’ve cultivated an environment where individuals thrive and collaborate seamlessly. In the realm of marketing, a field rooted in psychology and experimentation, I’ve fostered a culture of understanding customers deeply before products and services. This unique vantage point fuels innovative strategies.

Teamwork lies at the core of my leadership philosophy, driven by a passion for unearthing and nurturing individual talents. By recognizing the strengths and capabilities of team members, I orchestrate synergy that propels projects to new heights. My leadership is characterized by an unwavering commitment to growth, consistently encouraging team members to embrace challenges and reach beyond their comfort zones. This holistic approach not only drives success but also shapes a dynamic, empowered, and resilient team poised for continuous evolution.

Leadership Inspirations

Gary Vee
Gary Vaynerchuk
Simon Sinek
Seth Godin
Jordan Peterson
Jordan Peterson

About my Designing skills

As a skilled UI/UX designer, my journey is characterised by a commitment to excellence through profound design techniques. Adhering to industry best practices, I shape digital experiences that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality. With a preference for Figma and the agility of Adobe XD for rapid tasks, I harness the Adobe Creative Suite for graphic design endeavours.

My expertise spans diverse domains, from crafting captivating mobile applications to designing impactful websites and landing pages. Beyond aesthetics, I possess a unique talent in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), conducting insightful A/B tests rooted in a deep understanding of user psychology.

In my leadership, I emphasise consistency, fostering a unified brand identity that resonates across projects. My passion for design is intrinsically linked to the power of branding, infusing my work with purpose and impact. The legacy of my journey lies in transforming visions into tangible, user-centred design realities that not only captivate but also drive meaningful engagement and conversions.

Design Tech Stack

Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Sketch (Mac App)

About my Project Management skills

My project management journey is a testament to the transformative power of experience and mentorship. Early in my career, I had the privilege of learning under the guidance of a seasoned senior Project Manager. This invaluable mentorship equipped me with a deep understanding of project management concepts, empowering me to not only navigate conventional techniques but also to streamline processes for enhanced efficiency.

Over the years, I’ve honed my skills through practical exposure to a range of project management tools. Each project’s unique requirements led me to leverage different tools – Trello for social media account management, JIRA for website projects, and Asana, Monday, or Click for content strategy management, among others. This adaptability reflects my commitment to tailoring approaches for optimal outcomes.

My journey is a fusion of foundational teachings and real-world application, a dynamic fusion that propels me as a project manager who’s well-versed in both principles and adaptable strategies.

Project Mgt Tech Stack

click up
smart sheets
Smart Sheets

About my Social Media Marketing skills

My mastery of Social Media Marketing has been meticulously crafted through years of hands-on experience, culminating in a proven formula that consistently delivers successful results. This formula is a strategic journey that begins with a defined end goal, followed by comprehensive research to pinpoint our target audience’s preferences and needs. Thorough content planning and precise execution pave the way for a seamless process, augmented by a strong focus on quality assurance before publishing.

The journey doesn’t end with content dissemination. Regular engagement and active listening are essential, creating a feedback loop that guides us in analyzing content performance. This data-driven approach enables continuous optimization, ensuring our strategies remain effective for both B2C and B2B contexts. My expertise showcases a harmonious fusion of strategic planning, audience-centricity, data analysis, and adaptability – a journey marked by tangible results and a commitment to staying ahead in the dynamic realm of social media marketing.

Social Media Tech Stack

Meta Business Suite
Trello Planner
Semrush Social Media

About my Content Marketing skills

Over the course of a decade, I’ve thoroughly refined my content marketing skills through collaborative efforts with dedicated specialists, evolving into a strategic thinker along the way. A comprehensive strategy that combines expertise and innovation demonstrates this journey.

My ability to synergize content strategy with SEO tools is something that sets me apart, as proven by tools such as SEMrush and Answer The Public, etc. These tools complement my strategies perfectly, elevating content to a new level of effectiveness.

Furthermore, I’ve led and guided a number of senior content strategists, gaining in-depth knowledge of their methodologies and approaches. This hands-on experience has expanded my knowledge of various content strategies.

My content marketing journey has been integrated with strategic thinking, technical skill, and leadership competence. It is a testament to a decade of dedication, innovation, and expertise, and is based on collaborative learning and continuous evolution.

Content Marketing Tech Stack

answer the public
Trello Content Planner
Semrush Content Tool

Professional Experience

i4T Global Company Logo

Head of Digital Marketing

i4T Global™ & i4T Labs™ l Australia

March 2021 – Aug 2023



Head of Digital Marketing

Vfullstack l Switzerland (Contract)

Jan 2020 – Feb 2021


Happiness Mountain Company Logo

Head of Digital Marketing

Happiness Mountain™ Inc. | San Francisco, USA

Sep 2017 – Feb 2021


fiverr freelance

Digital Marketing Specialist

Fiverr Freelance Platform l Israel

Apr 2015 – Jan 2019


Flexport private limited

Marketing Executive

Flexport Innovation Private Limited | Sri Lanka

Sept 2012 – Sept 2014

In my initial role as a trainee marketing executive, I initiated inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, honing teamwork, communication, numerical, IT, and organizational skills. My exceptional performance led to promotion to Marketing Executive, where I embarked on my journey as a digital marketer. This transition reflects my enduring commitment to growth, continually seeking new opportunities to evolve and adapt in the dynamic field of marketing.


Career Highlights

Educational Highlights

University of Plymouth UK

Bsc (Hons) in Marketing Management

By University of Plymouth (UK)
2015 - 2018

Second Class Upper Division
Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing APIDM

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

By Asia Pacific Institue of Digital Marketing • 2019 - 2020

Qualified Merit Pass (Highest)
Charted Institute of Marketing CIM

Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management

By Chartered Institue of Marketing
2014 - 2017


Google Certification

AI-Powered Performance Ads Certification

by Google
Issued on June 2023

Apple Certification

Apple Search Ads Certification

by Apple
Issued on June 2023

Google Certification

Google Analytics 4 Certification

by Google
Issued on June 2023

JIRA Certification

JIRA Project Management Certification

by Atlassian
Issued on June 2023

Google Certification

Google Search Ads Certification

by Google
Issued on June 2023

Google Certification

Google Display Ads Certification

by Google
Issued on June 2023

Google Certification

Google Ads 360 Certification

by Google
Issued on June 2023

Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing APIDM

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Issued on Sept 2020

Lots of Love, Hard Earned Trust

Sachi Wickramage
Sachi WickramageCo-Founder / COO - i4T Global™
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Hi Kethshan,

Your message truly touched my heart. It's been wonderful to work alongside someone as dedicated and passionate as you.

Remember, the journey to become a role model starts with the choices we make daily, and I've seen you make countless commendable ones. I have no doubt you're on the right path.

Thank you for your warm wishes. Keep shining wherever you go, and never forget that success is not just about climbing up, but lifting others as you rise. Please keep in touch, and may your next chapter be filled with growth, challenges, and even more accomplishments.

Take care!
Sathya Molagoda
Sathya MolagodaSenior Software Engineer - i4T Labs™
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Hey Kethshan,

it's hard to believe that today marks your last day at i4T Labs™. Looking back, I feel fortunate to have known you since old days, and it's been an incredible journey working under your leadership. You've not only been an exceptional department head but also a true friend who always put the team first.

Your knack for project management and achieving collective goals is truly commendable, and l've always admired your humility in sharing credit where it's due. As you step into new adventures, here's to wishing you boundless success and happiness ahead. Stay in touch, and let's make sure those memories continue to inspire us.

All the very best!
Lahiru Munasinghe
Lahiru MunasingheAssociate Technical Lead - Axiata Digital Labs
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Kethshan is an incredibly focused and disciplined professional who knows how to set clear goals and drive a team towards achieving them. His strategic mindset and deep understanding of digital marketing tactics have made a significant impact on our projects, particularly when working with our foreign clients in the US and Europe.

I've witnessed firsthand Kethshan's talent for crafting innovative marketing campaigns that generate impressive results. He combines creativity with analytical thinking, allowing him to make data-driven decisions and optimise strategies for maximum impact. Kethshan's dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies is commendable and has undoubtedly contributed to his success.
Wardah Wadood
Wardah WadoodSenior Content Strategist - i4T Global™
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Thank you Kethshan.

You will be remembered as one of the best leads never in the history of iT Global, did we achieve as much as we were able to do in the last 2 years under your leadership. Thank you for your support and motivation throughout this time.

Stay in touch.
Nayanajith Gamage
Nayanajith GamageSenior Web Developer - i4T Labs™
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Dear Kethshan,

Thank You very much for all the support you've given and thank you for always mentoring and holding us to be the best version of ourselves. It's been a pleasure working under your leadership and it is the best leadership found in my journey so far. All the Very Best for your Future Endeavours. Stay Awesome Stay Safe!

We will miss you.
Saalik Ahamed
Saalik AhamedSenior Digital Media Strategist - i4T Labs™
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Hi Kethshan,

Thank you for all the support for the past 2 Years Kethshan. you have been an inspiring Leader and a Good Friend. Hope to Keep in touch with vou. good luck on your Future Endeavours from all the Digital Marketing Peeps From both Old and New.

Harina Subhashith
Harina SubhashithCreative Designer - i4T Labs™
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Hi Kethshan,

Thank you so much, for the support you've provided during our short time together. Although it was brief, working under your leadership for just couple of months has been incredibly amazing. I've learned so much from you. I wish to work with you in future projects, Please keep in touch

All the best
Nilakshi Thalewela
Nilakshi ThalewelaSenior QA Engineer - i4T Labs™
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Dear Kethshan,

I want to express my admiration towards your exceptional leadership. You have set a shining example of what it means to be a true leader. Farewell to the best of the best team leader and good luck on your future endeavours.


Questions and Answers

Having operated within Sri Lanka’s diverse professional landscape, characterized by a multicultural workplace ethos, I have consistently groomed myself to think outside the box. Observing the evolving landscape of the digital marketing sector in Sri Lanka over the years has prompted my decision to seek broader horizons, beyond Sri Lankan atmosphere. Dubai, with its inherent capacity to present novel challenges, a dynamic work culture, and unparalleled global exposure, has become the natural choice for my professional expansion.

My aspirations for this move are multi-faceted. I want to be a part of a multinational environment that not only encourages but also expects new points of view. Dubai’s reputation as a global business hub presents a unique platform to engage with a wide spectrum of industries, forging connections that transcend geographical boundaries. By embracing the challenges and opportunities that this vibrant city offers, I am determined to contribute my expertise to the digital marketing landscape on an international scale.

Moreover, Dubai’s emphasis on innovation and its knack for trendsetting are aligned with my career ambitions. I plan to harness these qualities to push the boundaries of digital marketing strategies, learning from and collaborating with professionals from around the world. This strategic relocation, underpinned by a commitment to excellence, promises to be a pivotal chapter in my professional journey, enabling me to enrich my skill set and make a substantial impact in the global digital marketing arena.
I embarked on my digital marketing journey in early 2013, initially tapping into web and graphic design as a junior marketer. My interests soon expanded to encompass a wide array of disciplines including SEO, SEM, Social and Content Marketing, CMS management, Marketing Automation, etc. With my formative years dedicated to digital marketing, I navigated through numerous trial-and-error situations that fuelled my growth which I’m truly grateful.

After a 5-year tenure as a digital marketing specialist, a pivotal managerial opportunity emerged, propelling me into a transformative phase. Since then, each step has been a remarkable adventure, defined by continuous learning and invaluable experiences.
Throughout my journey, I’ve had the privilege of spearheading three substantial full-time digital marketing teams, each presenting its unique challenges and opportunities. In addition, I’ve adeptly overseen two freelance digital marketing teams dispersed across various countries, a role that demanded part-time commitment but full-time dedication to cohesion and results.

My approach to team management is defined by inspiration and support, a philosophy born from my belief in fostering a collaborative and empowering work environment. This approach is particularly effective when it comes to engaging with the vibrant Gen Z workforce. Understanding the distinct attributes of this generation, I’ve cultivated an atmosphere that values open communication, inclusivity, and individual growth. By embracing their innate familiarity with digital platforms, I’ve harnessed their creative energy to drive innovative campaigns and strategies.

Each team member’s perspective contributes to collective brilliance. Encouraging diverse viewpoints through idea-sharing fosters commitment and generates a synergy that boosts performance. Clear expectations are vital, coupled with autonomy for showcasing skills. I go beyond delegation, providing guidance, mentorship, and removing barriers. This approach boosts confidence and adaptability in the ever-changing digital landscape.
The new addition of artificial intelligence to our operations is a great example. While some perceived AI as a potential menace, I viewed it as an opportunity. I wholeheartedly embraced AI tools, harnessing their capabilities to expedite our marketing endeavours, resulting in substantial gains in ROI. Notably, I tapped into resources like chatGPT, Midjourney AI, CopyAi, and Co Pilot, amplifying our proficiency. These tools granted us a strategic edge in achieving our objectives.

In addition, I orchestrated strategic shifts in our PPC and email marketing campaigns. Employing AI for headline generation, Manipulating social media creatives using AI tech and implementing landing page A/B testing transformed these endeavours. Adapting to these advancements has been transformative, enabling us to navigate complexities more seamlessly and uncover insights that were previously elusive. This agile approach has elevated our campaign efficacy and allowed us to glean actionable intelligence from our data, thereby enhancing decision-making.
The use of data and analytics has been a cornerstone of my approach to optimising digital marketing campaigns. One especially compelling example involves a product launch campaign for an e-commerce customer.

I methodically created key performance indicators (KPIs) that fit with the campaign’s objectives from the start, including growing website traffic, improving conversions, and raising brand engagement. We built a comprehensive dataset by integrating Google Analytics and other powerful tracking systems, laying the groundwork for informed decision-making.

The first phase entailed analysing demographic data to determine the major audience segments visiting the website. We adjusted our content strategy to resonate with their interests, assuring relevance. We investigated user behaviour through click-through rates and session lengths at the same time. This offered crucial information about which channels were most effective at driving engaged traffic.

We fine-tuned ad copy and images using A/B testing and data-driven iterations. We discovered through continual monitoring that the audience preferred brief ad copy and colourful imagery, leading a re-calibration of our creative assets.

Despite high traffic, we hit a conversion plateau halfway through the campaign. Analytics revealed that there was a congestion in the checkout process. Using this information, we rebuilt the user flow, decreasing friction points. This intervention resulted in a significant increase in conversion rates, proving the effectiveness of data-driven decision-making.

We regularly tracked success against KPIs as the campaign progressed, allowing us to pivot strategies as needed. Following improvements based on data insights resulted in a significant rise in engagement metrics and income. Finally, the campaign outperformed expectations, demonstrating the obvious link between employing data and analytics and campaign success.

This experience reinforces my commitment to using data as a compass to steer campaigns towards the best possible outcomes. It exemplifies how data-driven insights may reveal nuances, enhance plans, and ultimately increase the impact of digital marketing campaigns.
Maintaining brand consistency across diverse digital marketing channels and campaigns is a non-negotiable priority in my approach. A compelling illustration of this lies within a cross-channel initiative for a globally recognized brand.

The foundation for brand consistency was an in-depth exploration of the brand’s essence: its values, voice, and visual identity. This foundational knowledge served as a compass guiding every subsequent decision. We created a comprehensive brand guideline that encapsulated these elements, ensuring that team members had a unified understanding.

A pivotal step in enforcing consistency was the creation of a centralized digital asset repository. This repository housed approved visual assets, messaging templates, and style guides. This acted as a single source of truth, guaranteeing that all team members across channels had access to the most up-to-date brand materials. You can use cloud based tools like Adobe XD, Figma or even Photoshop to store and guide all the design materials.

Consistency extended beyond visuals to include language, we created a brand dictionary, which included preferred terms, tones, and phrasing. This dictionary quickly became an indispensable tool for content creators looking to maintain a consistent voice across platforms. Regular audits were conducted to assess consistency visually and contextually. Performance metrics provided insights into which variations resonated most effectively with the audience while maintaining alignment with the brand’s core identity.

This strategy delivered tangible outcomes. Brand recognition and recall improved across channels, giving the audience a sense of familiarity. The connection translated into increased trust, which is the foundation of brand loyalty.
Collaboration with cross-functional teams is at the core of my approach as a Head of Digital. The alignment of diverse departments, such as sales, product, and IT, is vital to achieving holistic business objectives.

Open and proactive communication is my bedrock for successful collaboration. Regular meetings and check-ins ensure that all teams are updated on the progress, challenges, and goals of our digital marketing initiatives. This ongoing dialogue establishes a shared understanding of each team’s role and contribution, fostering a collective sense of ownership.

Building relationships based on mutual respect and understanding is pivotal. I take the time to learn about the priorities, challenges, and goals of each department. This insight enables me to approach collaboration with empathy, ensuring that digital marketing strategies are tailored to complement their objectives. For instance, collaborating with the sales team, I’ve integrated marketing automation tools to provide them with qualified leads, resulting in improved lead-to-conversion ratios.

Incorporating a collaborative mindset into our processes is a priority. By involving representatives from various departments in the planning and ideation stages, we harness diverse viewpoints, enhancing the effectiveness and creativity of our campaigns. In one instance, working closely with the product team, we developed a joint campaign that showcased new product features, resulting in heightened user engagement and sales.

Handling conflicts diplomatically is essential when multiple departments collaborate. I’ve encountered instances where conflicting priorities arose. In such cases, I initiate constructive discussions to find common ground and reach compromises that prioritize the broader business objectives.
Kethshan Induruwage

About Me & My Lifestyle

Dubai Life
Yes, I Moved to Dubai 🚀

The career opportunities in Dubai are fantastic, and I'm excited to immerse myself in a diverse, multicultural environment. Furthermore, being around industry experts will be a fantastic learning opportunity. I'm excited for this new adventure!

Team Spirit
Dreaming of being an inspirational leader 👨🏻‍💻

I've always wanted to become an inspiring leader. So far, my journey has made me a strong candidate and has prepared me for a challenging future. I'm ready to take on the next challenge at any time.
Loving cat
I’m an Animal Lover 🐱

I adore animals, especially cats and dogs! They bring me so much joy. Having a pet is like a friend who boosts my happiness and mental health. 🐾😊
Familiy Life
The fuel that motivates me to go beyond and above

My wife is a strong supporter of my ambitions for professional advancement. She inspires me to go beyond my bounds with her everlasting faith. Her encouragement, from encouraging words to unselfish gestures, pulls me ahead. In her, I find not only a companion, but also a driving force that propels me forward on my path to achievement.
Project Management
Exciting Project Management Opportunities ⚡️

Working closely with top management has helped me improve my project management techniques throughout my career, and I'm hoping that visiting Dubai will lead to exciting project management opportunities in the software and digital marketing industries.
Enjoying the nature
outside the box thinker 🍿

I've always wanted to think in a different way. In my spare time, I wonder how it could be done differently, What can I do to make a difference.
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